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You will recieve  5 - 10 (depending on size) pot luck cuttings/small plants from my huge collection of house plants.


They come packaged in a box with tissue paper and art cards.


Some of the plants in my collection include 



Watermelon peperomia

Emerald ripple peperomia 

Asparagus fern

Sugar Palm

Calathea stromanthe triostar 

Nerve plant (various)

Tradescantia zebrina

Tradescantia anouk

Foxtail fern

Golden pothos

Neon pothos

Pothos exotica

Pothos manjula

Pothos n joy

Manjula pothos

Neon pothos

Money plant

Jade plant 

Peacock plant

Peace Lilly


Spider plant 

Curly spiderplant

All green spiderplant

Prayer plant

Corn palm


Dragon tree

Green Hulk

Peperomia hope

Christmas cactus

String of hearts

String of pearls

String of turtles

Pink variagated string of hearts

Blushing philodendron 

Silver sword philodendron

Misletoe cactus 

Blue star fern

Angel wing begonia

Jelly bean succulent

echeveria pink

Stone crop

Mother of thousands 


and more from my ever expanind collection...

House plant mystery gift box