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Manifesting mix including 'Litsea oil, orange, lemon and Roman Chamomile' blended with sweet almond oil.

Litsea oil
Supports you in grounding your ideas and dreams into reality. It helps you build confidence in trusting your gut instincts about which ideas to follow through with and which to leave behind. It helps us go beyond the logic of the mind and surrender to a higher intent, releasing fears of doubt. It helps us align to our purpose and know how to move forwards.

Lemon oil
Helps us focus

Roman Chamomile
Also referred to as the oil of spiritual purpose. Roman Chamomile helps you release any rigid thinking and ego-based thinking so you can flow with life more easily. Once this happens you are able to more readily identify your spiritual purpose and align with it. This oil helps remind you to follow your heart and that the true path to success is doing things that fill you with joy and passion. It helps us let go of the 'hows' and details and relax into the feeling state of what we wish to create.

Wild Orange
Wild orange is the oil of abundance, it helps us connect with feelings of joy and confidence. It allows us to open up to new ideas and possibilities and release thoughts of doubt.

Free art cards included and an intuitively selected page from the power of now, oracle cards, scatter crystals etc.....

Handmade Manifesting Essential oil room spray