• Sarah Louise Johnson

Raw vegan key lime pie

For this I merged a couple of recipes together with a few of my own mix ups and twists

I made the buckwheat pastry base first

I started by blending 1/3 of a cup of sunflower seeds so they were more of a flour like texture.

I then added

1 cup buckwheat flour

pinch of salt

zest of a lime

3 tablespoons of coconut oil

a little agave to taste (personally I only added about half a tablespoon but add up to two for personal taste.

Blend in a food processor adding a little cold water at a time till you have dough like texture.

I then rolled out the dough adding extra buckwheat flour to stop it sticking to the board and rolling pin.

once done I pressed it into a tart tin and popped into the dehydrator till slightly crispy. I kept mine a little more doughy as I like that consistency.

For the filling.

In a food processor blend:

1/2 cup of lime juice

1 tin of coconut cream full fat

The zest from the limes, around 1 tbsp

3 tablespoons of coconut oil

A pinch of turmeric

A pinch of spirulina for colour.

2 tablespoons of agave or natural sweetener if desired ( I used no sweeter as I like it tangy)

Pour into the base and chill or freeze till set.

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