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  • Sarah Louise Johnson

Breakfast Chia Seed Pudding

Updated: Jun 13, 2020


  • Chia seeds

  • Brazil nuts

  • 3 pitted dates

  • Frozen mango

  • Frozen raspberries

  • Maple syrup

I love chia seeds and feel they are hugely important source of Omega 3 for us vegans.

To make this recipe I started by making the brazil nut milk. If you want something quicker you can use a store bought nutmylk.

To make the mylk I soaked a handful of brazil nuts in some filtered/distilled water for 4 hours / overnight. When done add the brazil nuts to a food processor and keep adding water until its the texture you wish. When blended and creamy strain out the lumps ( which you can save to use as a kind of ricotta cheese).

I began by putting a layer of frozen mango at the bottom with a tablespoon of maple syrup then adding a tablespoon of chia seeds and pour in half the nut milk and stir.

I then added a layer of frozen raspberries ands 3 dates cut into pieces before pouring on the other half of the nut mylk and stir.

I topped the dish with a strawberry, some freeze dried raspberries and some of the brazil ricotta mixture.

You can always change the fruits for whatever you have available.

These are best made the night before if you want them for breakfast as the chia seeds need time to expand.

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