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  • Sarah Louise Johnson

Mint Choc Chip Raw Vegan Power Balls

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

INGREDIENTS (makes around 15):

- 2 cups dates pitted

- 2 cups walnuts

- 4 tablespoons of cacao / carob / cocoa powder (or a mix)

- 4 drops of mint essential oil (Add to taste but it’s strong so only do a drop at a time! )

- 4 small sprigs of mint ( take the leaves off and throw away stalk) I used two sprigs of fresh mint and two mountain mint.

- 10 squares of dark chocolate I used 90 percent raw vegan chocolate but cacao nibs or any raw chocolate would also be great


Blend together all ingredients except for dark chocolate till it forms a consistency that sticks together and then add the dark choc / nibs and pulse quickly... roll into small balls and pop in fridge to harden.

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